About Us

With the mission of spreading peace and love around the world, Oui’d offer high-quality legal CBD products. Our revolutionary products are made with top quality cannabis plants with a significant quantity of CBD and THC free of toxins and contaminants.

Who are We?

We are a small team with phenomenal dreams. Based in Chester, Oui’d is run by the director Lee and a group of close friends with futuristic and avant-garde ideas. 

We have grown from a tiny little seedling in our imagination into a company selling high-quality CBD products to the nation. We bring colour and fun to the industry, helping to educate the nation and the world to the benefits of Oui’d and remove its negative connotations. Above all, we believe that our customers are the biggest asset, and we are ready to go the extra mile to support and care for them. 

Our products

Our products are hand-picked by our team, and we test and scrutinize each of these to ensure quality.  

 With strict inspection and analysis, we try to make sure that we sell only the best CBD products available on the market. 

All our products are currently sourced from the EU and the USA. But we aim to be a driving force behind the growing and manufacturing of CBD products in the UK.

Our products are 100% legal, complying with all legal aspects of CBD products in the country. However, if unsure, please do your research. 

To make sure our customers are fully aware of our products, we will soon be releasing useful videos, so stay tuned for that.  


We at Oui’d are naturally pro-legalization of cannabis in the UK. There are countless reasons why this wonderful plant should be legal. We will prove our point with academically reviewed information presented in the form of blogs. The Oui’d team hopes that the process of its legalization is peaceful and quick, of course.